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Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Department Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Established in 2009, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been successful in nurturing experts through sound academic support and commitment to research. The teaching resources, dedicated staff, sophisticated laboratories and library, efficiently meet the requirements of undergraduate and post graduate students here. The annual intake is 60 for under graduate students and 24 for post graduate students. The program also entertains a lateral entry for Diploma holders as per AICTE norms in the 3rd semester.
To mould students in professional carrier and/or post graduate programmes by providing solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals. To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, team work and communication skills, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate electrical engineering issues to broader social context. To instill self-confidence and leadership qualities to become innovative engineers and entrepreneurs, with an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.  
Little Newton's Innovation
It is a firm in the field of Electro-mechanical Product design and development.  
U S Safety
U S Safety Academy is one of the privileged providers of IOSH MS (Managing Safety)course, and offers the best platform to learn and develop professional health and safety skills.

Electrical Engineers Technical Association was inaugurated on 25th September 2012 by Sri. Sudhi V. R., Deputy Chief Engineer (Electrical), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. EETA was started with the aim of uplifting the technical knowledge of students and faculties by conducting various technical workshops, seminars and other interactive practical sessions.

In addition to the Central library, the department also has a miniature library. It provides a vibrant learning environment that ensures access to relevant and reliable information in multiple formats. The library serves to support the learning, teaching and research activities of students and faculty of EEE Department. The resource of learning in library includes books, manuals, seminar reports, project reports, databases, previous question papers of MG and KTU university, audio- visual items etc… The library is in close proximity with the power electronics lab so that the research oriented practical implementation can be done by interested students.


The workshop was conducted by Mr. Giby Chacko, Project Engineer, ARVIN Technologies, Kochi on 10-8-2017 and 11-8-2017. Students were taught how to maintain and repair electrical appliances and electrical machines. Also they were taught how to connect electrical circuits and repairing minor or major faults in the circuits and motor rewinding both theoretically and practically.


The present generation students have a plethora of career options and they must channelize their efforts to make an excellent career choice that suits their talent and aptitude. This program brings students to proper channel for achieving a better career. This interactive session was led by Dr. Viji Ramakrishnan, Counsellor and Motivational Speaker, Mar Athanasius College Association on 19-8-2017.


The talk covered the technical aspects of the International and domestic terminals of Cochin International Airport Limited. CIAL has three terminals. With the commissioning of Terminal 3, Cochin Airport became India’s 4th largest airport after Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata with a very large built up area for commercial operations. It was a highly informative talk done by Mr. A.C.K Nair, Director of CIAL on 26-8-2017.


The sixth semester students went for an Industrial Visit organized by the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department to Udupi Power Plant on 12-03-2018. Udupi Power Corporation Limited is a 2 X 600 MW imported coal based power project in the Udupi District of Karnataka.


This talk was aimed at making the students aware of the present and future career opportunities in Electrical Engineering. It was held on 27/11/2018. The resource person was Er. Shaji Jacob , Chartered Engineer and Energy Consultant.


Talk on motivating the students to develop a competitive attitude along with sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention along with a comprehensive approach towards civil service preparation. The talk was done by Simon Tharakan, Head marketing,Kochi Branch Conflate of Integrated studies Pvt. Ltd. On 13/2/2019


The sixth semester students went for an Industrial Visit organized by the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department to Udupi Power Plant on 15-02-2019 . Udupi Power Corporation Limited is a 2 X 600 MW imported coal based power project in the Udupi District of Karnataka.


The second year students went on an Industrial Visit on 16/2/2019. The factory is open to people where you can see how the tea and chocolates are made. And finally buy the tea during exit.


Graphene Automation Private Ltd.(GAPL) is a company managed by professionals in Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Control Engineering. The session was conducted on 21/2/2019 and included talks on electrical automation solutions, process control, automation etc.


The first venture of our methodology of practical based subject learning was making “Extension board”. The students of EEE department made high quality extension boards under the supervision of some senior students, teachers, lab instructors. Inadvertently, during the sessions, officers from electrical inspectorate visited the venue (as part of their inspection in our college) and they noticed and appreciated the effort of our students. The programme was a great success and students enjoyed and was inspired.


LED lamp manufacturing workshop was guided by Rtd. Er. Gopinathan and Mr. Sreekumar of KSEB. The training was conducted for EEE students and they assembled LED lamps with help of external guides. In the conducting session Principal and Vice-Principal appreciated the students and all the staff members. The sale of extension board was inaugurated by Principal.


All the students of EEE family went for a visit on October 23rd 2019 to Cochin International Airport for industrial interaction. The students had an enriching and educative experience of the Solar power plant near to the airport which is the basic and main provider of Electricity to the Airport. The practical session was conducted by young engineers working in CIAL and among them were Alumni members of our college.


The second year students went for an Industrial visit to Idamalayar Hydro Electric Project on October 19th 2019. They could get an insight into the different aspects of power system engineering so as to correlate it with their studies and enhance their practical knowledge and also get a visual aspect of their theoretical papers.


This academy was started by Mohammed Unaise, who is a talented engineer and a motivational speaker, on August 12th 2019. He has come a long way in starting new enterprises with confidence and full vigility. This academy aims to entrust students with promising careers in the field of Safety Engineering.

Little Newton's Innovation

Start-ups are the order of the day. Nowadays, for budding entrepreneurs, start-ups are the best option. Those with innovative ideas, pulse of the market in their heart and the fire in the belly, startups is the way out. “Little Newton's Innovation” is one such innovation whose ideas were laid, incubated and propped out from the KMEA campus. Little Newton's Innovation(LNI) is a firm in the field of Electro-mechanical Product design and development. Its foundation was laid by one of our energetic and active student Anas Ali.

Mr. Anas Ali is a 2017 Electrical & Electronics batch student. He is assisted by five young engineers. His company is expertized in the manufacturing and design of electrical machines, water jet cutter and shaded lights. The firm also has a wing where designing and contracting of electrification of houses and buildings are actualized.


It is an Educational Consultant startup by Mohammed Unais on January 24th 2018. The consultancy provide student consulting and personal mentoring, neuro linguistic programmes, soft skill development, career guidance,placement training, motivational speaking, special education and eliminate learning disabilities.

Second semester students are members of IETE.

All the faculties of the EEE Department are members of IEI.

  • Real Time Monitoring of Crop Health- Mayuri Grace and Team
  • Portable Camera based assistive product label reading for blind and visually impaired individuals – Abinabi V A & Team
  • Gesture controlled Home automation for paralysed – Sreekanth P S & Team
  • Bacteria Powered paper battery – Rahiyanath T A
  • Smart electric stove powered by Solar photo-voltaic energy – Mohammed Nasif & Team
  • Vertical axis wind turbine – Fidha Farhan E H, Nezla N A, Saliha C Y
  • Anti Rigging Voting System – Fathima Noura, Arun V B, Sreelakshmi R
  • Smart Helmet – Ajmal M A, Athul Antony V A, Shahrasmon N M
  • Smart Distibution Board – Mohammed Sahal, Bijoy Varghese
  • To interpret sign language for deaf and dumb – Athul K S, Gautham Krishna, Jees Henry, K B Nirmal
  • Smart lighting system – Muhammed Arif Abdulla, Souravjith V S, Varghese Rinoy P T
  • Third eye for blind – Augustine Biju, Usman K S, Vishak V
  • Electricity Generating Fitness Equipment – Alphin Robert, Husain K R,Sabir T S and Nabeel M H
  • Waste Heat Recovery for Power Generation in IC engines – Ameer V S, Deepa K S, Harfaz P N and Shilpa K Satheesh.
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